Platinum 100% Iso-Whey


Platinum 100% Iso-Whey

  • Mixes instantly
  • Award-winning taste
  • 100% micro-filtered whey protein isolates
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Glutamine & Precursor

100% Whey protein isolates

Platinum 100% Iso-Whey uses only ultra-pure, micro-filtered whey protein isolates, the purest form of whey protein you can feed your body. With a filtration process that uses precision technology to remove lactose, ash and fat, Platinum 100% Iso-Whey delivers the major bioactive protein fractions you need in a premium formula. Many of the inferior whey formulas on the market use heat, harsh acids and salts to isolate their whey protein. Unfortunately, these methods are severe enough to cause extensive denaturation of the whey protein structure. 

Platinum 100% Iso-Whey is so pure that the formula mixes instantly in a shaker cup or even in a glass using a spoon. And just as important as quality and purity of the whey protein in Platinum 100% Iso-Whey is its taste. We conducted third-party taste tests on real consumers to help us formulate a first-in-class taste profile that’s second to none.

Bioactive Fractions in platinum 100% Iso-Whey

  • beta-lactoglobulin – High in essential and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that are important for muscle recovery after training, this fraction has been noted to support mineral and vitamin absorption.
  • alpha-lactalbumin – This fraction is a high source of essential and branched chain amino acids. What’s more, it’s high in the essential amino acid tryptophan.
  • Glycomacropeptide – Research shows this fraction can support overall serum amino acid concentrations. Plus, this fraction has relatively high amounts of the branched chain amino acids, isoleucine and valine, which, along with leucine, are important for muscle metabolism and growth.
  • Immunoglobulins – These fractions are rich in the amino acid glutamine, which can support muscle recovery in response to strenuous training.
  • Bovine serum albumin – This fraction is a large-sized globular protein with a good profile of essential amino acids that are important for muscle growth support.
  • Lactoperoxidase – This fraction has enzymatic properties, helping to break down hydrogen peroxide and help extend the longevity of milk proteins.
High-quality protein sources

The Platinum 100% Iso-Whey Advantage

Protein Source Biological Value Included in Platinum 100% Iso-Whey
Whey Protein Isolate 104 YES
Egg Protein 100 NO
Milk Protein Concentrate 91 NO
Beef Protein 80 NO
Calcium Caseinate 77 NO
Micellar Casein 77 NO
Soy Protein 74 NO
Brown Rice 70 NO

Biological value of proteins used in platinum 100% iso-whey

The whey protein isolates in Platinum 100% Iso-Whey provide your body with the highest biological value (BV) protein fractions. BV is a measure of how much of the protein’s compounds your body holds on to – a higher BV indicates a protein source with more musclebuilding power.

How To Take Platinum 100% Iso-Whey

Mix 1 serving (1 heaping scoop) with 180mL of cold water or skim milk. Take 1 to 3 servings per day. Maintain an adequate state of hydration during use. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.

Supplement Facts

Gourmet Milk Chocolate

Platinum 100% Iso Whey Chocolate Supplement Facts

Vanilla Cake

Platinum 100% Iso Whey Vanilla Supplement Facts

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